True Line Incorported is an engineering consulting firm based in southern West Virginia. True Line is composed of multidisciplinary professionals who are focused on the coal, oil, and gas industries. The firm has roots firmly planted in the heart of West Virginia, but also serve the mining, surveying, and project management needs in surrounding areas.

True Line is committed to providing the highest quality services, retaining the brightest individuals, and building long term relationships with each and every client. Afterall, our goal is helping you achieve yours.


CONSOL Energy is making headlines this week with their agreement to set the bar on standards for mine water treatment. Check it out below

CONSOL, Department of Joustice, Department of Energy and the WVDP

If you have been in the Coal industry for very long you have probably heard of David Cline. If you know him or not click the link below and you will get a great story about a great local miner.

Coal People Magazine Cline Article

There is a growing trend of "hybrid" vehicles being the key to the future. "Hybrid" suggests that the vehicle is powered partly by electricity, partly by fuel. While this is fact, even the hybrid vehicle is not produced without steel, thus not without coal. True Line Inc. believes that all vehicles are hybrids. Gasoline Powered, Steel Produced. Join our movement today! Just email us at info@trueline.biz and include your address, and we will send you a bumper sticker for free!

Someone wanting to mine the Red Ash seam was not easy. The bigger companies passed on it, and it took a special man to make it successful.

Meet Darvin Rowe